WinISO 5.3

WinISO is a CD-ROM image file manager for Windows
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WinISO is a CD-ROM image file manager for Windows. It is a little application that is able to manipulate image files with absolute ease. One of the drawbacks of having files stored in ISO format is that you can't (or is very hard to) modify those files. However, thanks to WinISO, image files become a more modifiable format. Those image files can be extracted to a directory, converted into other formats, be made bootable and more. WinISO does let you do some more, too. With it, you can open an ISO file, for example, and modify the file structure inside that image file. Files can be deleted, added, extracted, renamed, and more. WinISO can also make an image file from a CD-ROM. This is really useful when you have a CD that you use quite frequently and are tired of having to insert it and extract it all the time, or you just want to prevent it from getting scratched. This application supports most image file formats, including ISO, BIN/CUE, and many more. The application is a little bit expensive at 30$ but I guess it will save that much of time and wasted CDs.

José Fernández
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  • Lets you manage your image files


  • It is expensive.
  • The button sounds are annoying
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